A Quahog Clam…

We’ve been reading an “Alphabet” book, with lots of textures for all the animals. For the letter “Q,” the animal is a quahog clam. So, when we read that “a quahog clam is hard outside, but inside’s soft and squishy,” we had to go buy one, bring it home, and see if the book was right! Today we went to the farmer’s market and bought “Clammy.” I think the lady thought we were nuts for buying one clam! When we got home, I had to open Clammy, which was much more difficult than I thought. I decided to use one of Matt’s screwdrivers to pry it open. We don’t eat seafood, so I figured this would be the best way (sorry Matt if your screwdriver stinks now!) It was very difficult, which I guess is why one cooks the clam before opening it! I eventually got Clammy open, and indeed, he was soft and squishy (and stinky!) – a good $.70 learning experience!


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