Preserving…food that is!

The other day, while at Lowes, I picked up this book about preserving food. It’s wonderful! It explains the different techniques to canning, dehydrating, freezing and root cellaring. I am looking forward to getting into canning. I’ve never canned anything on my own before, so this will be an adventure! Does anyone out there have any tips? I’m hoping to get a pressure canner from ebay since they’re so expensive in the stores. A pressure canner is needed to preserve low-acid foods like veggies and meats. I think it will be nice to eat food that was preserved at home and not at a factory. I’m not sure it will really save us any money (at least this year, since we didn’t get our garden going…), but I think it will still be worth it since we will know what was put into our food! If anyone has any suggestions, I’d be very grateful!


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