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Therapy Day!!

Today was OT for P-man. Wow, what a difference a little swinging will make! He’s still mad that Dada is gone, but he’s actually taking a nap, so therapy has helped in that sense. We’ll have to see if he goes to bed tonight… P-man has made such great strides in the last year and a half! Now he actually tolerates the swing, and sometimes asks for it! The therapists at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta are just wonderful! So supportive – of the whole family! Starting today, we’re moving up a CD in the Listening Therapy program – Apricot Jams. I can’t wait to see how this helps!
I referred out OT to the SmartKnit socks for people with orthotics. We’ve been so pleased with these socks for P-man and his SMO’s, and she is going to get some for her father who is getting AFO’s. They’re kind of pricey, but well worth it. These socks have no seams, and wick away sweat, lowering the incidence of sores and infection (ewwwwwwww!)